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Be Safe Out There! – Use Caution on PA Game Lands During Hunting Season image
October 27, 2022
Be Safe Out There! – Use Caution on PA Game Lands During Hunting Season

DiscoverNEPA is all about celebrating Northeastern Pennsylvania’s abundant and vibrant natural spaces. We want you to get outside, relax and unwind in the mountain air, among the towering trees, along the crystal-clear lakes and streams. We just want to make sure everyone enjoys these places safely and respectfully.

That’s why we’re teaming up with state agencies, local conservation authorities and outdoor enthusiasts to bring you expert advice, tips and so much more to help you enjoy NEPA’s great outdoors.

Officials Urge Safety and Caution While Enjoying Pennsylvania Game Commission’s State Game Lands During Hunting Season


With the cooler temperatures and brilliant colors that nature has to offer right now, many are taking to the woods to soak up the colorful, but short-lasting beauty that abounds in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Leaf colors have peaked and before long many of the brightly colored trees will be barren and settling in for another winter.

Here in the Northeast, we still have an abundance of wooded areas for nature lovers to access, and that includes over 386,000 acres of State Game Lands spread out over 13 counties. State Game Lands are tracts of land that were bought with hunting license dollars and are owned and managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for outdoor recreational use but focus on providing hunting and trapping opportunities. Besides the mixture of trees, many of these game lands have diverse types of habitats, and most, if not all are home to a wide variety of wildlife species, and that can make for an educational and interesting day afield.



While these lands are out there for all to use, keep in mind that at this time of the year much of the activity will be hunting related. Most of the time there is little danger to persons utilizing game lands for purposes other than hunting as these users usually confine their activities to normally traveled roads or trails. That doesn’t mean that a walker or hiker can’t venture off a trail or path, they just need to be aware of others that might be in the area.

Hunters with firearms are required to wear at least 250 square inches of Fluorescent Orange while hunting, but non hunters are not required to wear any orange. The only exception is in the time frame of November 15 thru December 15. During that period, ANY PERSON who is utilizing game lands for any reason other than being on a shooting range, MUST wear the minimum of 250 square inches of Fluorescent Orange just like a hunter, Sundays included. Even outside of that required time period, wearing an orange vest and hat while on state game lands during any hunting season is certainly recommended.

Also State game lands are not the same as state park or state forest lands, and each has its own set of regulations governing their use. A complete list of state game lands regulations can be found on the Pennsylvania Game Commissions website.

You can also call the PGC at 1-833-PGC-HUNT or 1-833-PGC-WILD with any wildlife or hunting related questions.