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Beyond the Mission Statement: Settlers Cares Foundation image
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June 25, 2024
Beyond the Mission Statement: Settlers Cares Foundation
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In our quest to build NEPA’s most comprehensive nonprofit directory, we discovered hundreds of incredible organizations. We’re eager to share their inspiring stories.

In this series, we spotlight hardworking organizations, dedicated volunteers, and compassionate individuals who make a difference. We hope these stories inspire you to join us with your time, hands, and hearts. Follow along as we delve beyond the mission statement.

Building Stronger Communities

The Settlers Hospitality Group places a strong emphasis on their commitment to the communities where they operate. With several properties in the heart of the picturesque Pocono Mountains in Hawley, this group of boutique hotels, inns, restaurants, and event spaces is known for its modern luxury, charm, and elegance.

In addition to providing exceptional accommodations and dining experiences, Settlers Hospitality launched a charitable initiative in 2023 to offer short-term, emergency aid to those in the hospitality industry who are in need of financial assistance.

The Settlers Cares Foundation is rooted in the principle of community support, aiming to assist local hospitality workers, including nearly 500 of their own employees and affiliates. When unexpected life events like natural disasters, illnesses, or the loss of a loved one cause financial hardship, the foundation provides tax-free grants to offer immediate relief.


A Mission Rooted in Compassion

Janna Genzlinger, Executive Director of Settlers Cares Foundation

Hospitality workers are the backbone of the service industry, essential for creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment. As a leading employer in Wayne and Pike counties, Settlers Hospitality Group recognized an opportunity to support the service community based on their own staff’s requests for payroll advances or donations during times of need.

“The number of employees that would make that ask in any given year was so high that it led our CEO to create this dream, this vision, that there would be a place for hospitality workers to go when the bottom falls out of their life,” says Janna Genzlinger, Executive Director of Settlers Cares Foundation.

Their mission is to provide swift financial assistance to front-line employees of Settlers Hospitality Group and its affiliates who are facing a financial crisis due to a sudden, severe, and unexpected event beyond their control, especially when other resources are unavailable.



“We work to bring about positive change in the communities where we do business. If you work in hospitality in this region and you have a devastating situation, there’s help out there.”

Janna Genzlinger

Seeking Financial Assistance

The fund is designed to offer immediate aid in emergencies such as floods, tornadoes, illnesses, injuries, deaths, fires, or domestic abuse. In 2023, the group provided relief grants to eight hospitality workers.

“We’re really excited we were able to jump in and provide relief to that number of people in the first year,” adds Janna. In the first quarter of 2024, they provided relief to three more individuals.

Grant amounts will vary depending on each unique situation, with individual grants capped at $2,500. Whenever feasible, payments will be made directly to vendors to streamline the process.

Employees, their family members, or even a supervisor can apply for assistance through the website. The process is fast and straightforward. It requires only the last two paystubs and evidence of hardship, such as a bill, to potentially qualify.

“We’re really keeping the bar for entry in a space that’s accessible. We don’t want hospitality workers to have to go through major hoops to put the application in,” adds Janna.

For service industry workers facing financial struggles beyond qualifying crisis situations, Janna collaborates with community foundations and partners to provide additional assistance.

“We aim to serve as a bridge,” emphasizes Janna. “If individuals require more aid than we can provide, or if they don’t qualify for our assistance, we connect them with organizations and foundations that may be able to offer support.”

Employees can apply for assistance through the nonprofit’s website, or if the process seems too overwhelming, you can email and someone from the group will contact you.

How You Can Get Involved

Blues, Brews & BBQ at Glass – wine. bar. restaurant at Ledges Hotel

As a nonprofit, Settlers Cares Foundation primarily relies on individual donations for funding.

Several fundraising events are scheduled throughout the year to directly support the Foundation, including Blues, Brews & BBQ at Glass – at Ledges Hotel, a chili and wing cookoff and gala at The Waterfront at Silver Birches, and an ugly sweater competition.

Additionally, each reservation at Settlers Hospitality hotels includes a $1 charitable donation to support Settlers Cares.


Ways to support the mission:

  • Donate: All financial contributions, from in-kind donations to supporting events, will help provide tax-free grants to employees and affiliates facing sudden hardship.
  • Support Events: Attending events is a great way to make a difference. Proceeds from their Foundation-sponsored events directly benefit hospitality workers facing hardship.
  • Volunteer: From social media specialists to marketing professionals, grant writers and event planners, the Foundation is in need of people to share their talents in order to expand and promote their initiative.
  • Like & Share: Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Liking their posts and sharing upcoming events is another way to actively participate.