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May 21, 2024
Inside the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy
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We partnered with students and faculty from the Communication Arts Studio at the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy to build a portfolio of creative work to be featured on DiscoverNEPA.

Participating students worked with the DiscoverNEPA team to capture compelling videos and photos and to write articles featuring their school and community.

Magnet School Emphasizes Arts Education

The Arts and Humanities Academy is a program in the Hazleton Area School District available for grades 9 through 12. In this program, students can choose between seven studio classes which are: Visual Arts, Dance, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Drama, Humanities and Communication Arts. Students and teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and social groups but all have one thing in common which is their passion for the arts. Recently this school year, the program has gained its own building. The program has been around since 2015. 


Vocal Music studio student Amy V.


One student, Jazlyn S., in the Instrumental Music studio, joined the program because she was exposed to it through marching band. “I get a lot more time to practice my instrument and I have learned and benefitted from the program a lot,” she says. “I was able to be around people who could help me because they had the same experience as me trying to learn their instrument.” 

Another student, Amy V., in the Vocal Music studio, joined the program because singing is a skill she is confident in. “It has helped me with confidence and to get over my stage fright,” she said. She was introduced to Arts and Humanities by online recruitment, which is a video made to showcase what the program is about. 

The last student who was interviewed, Alyssa V., in the Visual Arts studio, joined because of her love for art. The program was introduced to her through the presentation shown to 8th grade classes across the district. “My teacher showed us the video about it and I found it cool and interesting,” she said.  


Student artwork on display at the Arts & Humanities Academy


After interviewing students at the Arts and Humanities Academy, each student has found improvement by going to the school. Regardless of what their studio is, students have learned and grown as people. 

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