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Morgans Cleaning & Property Management – Member Meet & Greet with the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber image
June 25, 2024
Morgans Cleaning & Property Management – Member Meet & Greet with the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber
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Morgans Cleaning & Property Management Wilkes-Barre, PA

Morgans Cleaning & Property Management started as a small side business while Owner/President Roger Morgans was working for a regional supermarket chain.

“I saw firsthand how detrimental unmaintained areas could be – from safety issues to employee morale, all the way to customer satisfaction and sentiment. I was a one man show for a while, but once I started building relationships and needed to hire staff, I switched to the business full time,” says Roger. “When I started on my own, I could obviously only do very small spaces. But I never said ‘no’ to a challenge. As the name grew, people called for carpet cleaning, so I expanded into carpet cleaning. Then it was floor care, so I mastered stripping and waxing floors. Once I had to hire a staff for the office and the field, we all followed that same trajectory all the way up to multi-million square foot warehouse spaces.”


Now, Morgans Cleaning & Property Management offers a full spectrum commercial cleaning in all environments, from offices to restaurants, warehouses to medical facilities.

They do a lot of general cleaning but have trained branches for things like floor care and carpet cleaning. During this time of year, they also do a lot of progress cleaning and final cleaning on new construction and renovations. This area has been on a path of growth in commercial development for years, and they try to stay involved there.

“Our latest offering is touchless restroom cleaning, and I’m really excited about that one. It’s the deepest cleaning possible with a low-PSI pressure wash that gets into areas you wouldn’t normally be able to clean effectively. Once everything has been cleaned, disinfected, and dried, all of the dirty water is reclaimed and the area dried and ready for use again,” says Roger.

Roger says that what makes them unique is that they are there for their customers. Once they have a relationship, they’ll go to great lengths to be a good partner that can jump deeper in at the drop of a hat. They also stay on top of all the industry developments – they love new technology and advances in the industry. They love mastering them, and implementing them, and passing off the benefit of that expertise to our customers.


Certified Commitment

Morgans Cleaning & Property Management is a family-owned company with deep roots in NEPA. According to Roger, “That’s why we put our name on it. Next year we’ll be celebrating 30 years in business, and I couldn’t be happier that those decades were spent here at home in NEPA. NEPA has always been home to me. This community raised me and I wanted to be here to do the same for others.”

Outside of his business, Roger himself is committed to the greater community. He is an active member of St. Nicholas/Saint Mary’s church and Knights of Columbus. Volunteering at football programs like Lackawanna College has always been a favorite way to give back.


Connect with Them!

You can find Morgans Cleaning & Property Management online at, or you can call the office at 570-819-1855.