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Nature's Tiny Heroes: The Vital Role of Pollinators in NEPA (and the World)

Spring and summer months in NEPA are all about getting outside. Whether we’re hiking, kayaking or strolling through the neighborhood, we spend a lot of time appreciating our incredible natural spaces. And, often, we overlook the little things that make it all work. Enter NEPA’s massive army of pollinators.

These bumble bees, butterflies, dragonflies and so many more are the unsung heroes of the natural world. They singlehandedly ensure, year after year, the successful reproduction of most of our planet’s life-giving flora. And just about everything you see in your standard produce aisle – yeah, they did that, too. But now, more than ever, they could use our help.

Grow native plants and flowers in your garden. Try to avoid using synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Encourage local initiatives to plant new trees and support the continued good health of old trees. And if you find unwanted bees nesting in or near your home, don’t kill them. Many beekeepers in your local area will gladly and safely re-home them.

And, while you’re out and about this summer in NEPA, take a moment to appreciate our hard-working, humble pollinators. They’re doing their part. Let that be a reminder for us to do ours.

We’ve run into quite a few of NEPA’s pollinators in our recent travels. Check ’em out!