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Protecting NEPA’s Rivers and Communities through Stormwater Management image
June 20, 2024
Protecting NEPA’s Rivers and Communities through Stormwater Management
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DiscoverNEPA is partnering with American Rivers, a national leader in protecting and restoring rivers throughout the United States. In this space, they’ll offer insight and tips on keeping our rivers clean and healthy as well as updates on the organization’s local efforts and initiatives taking place right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Preserving, Protecting and Preparing Our Rivers for the Future

I’m excited to dive into a topic that’s not just about pipes and puddles or drains and ditches, but about creating vibrant, resilient communities where we can all thrive. Let’s talk about stormwater management! I know what you’re thinking, how entertaining could this possibly be and how does it affect my life? Well, that’s the best part. Through better stormwater management and community planning we can transform our neighborhoods into places of abundant recreation, improved health, and a shared sense of place!


Recreation and Clean Water: A Perfect Pair

Imagine this: after a good rain, instead of worrying about flooded streets, we’re heading out to pristine rivers and lakes for a day of kayaking, fishing, or simply enjoying nature’s beauty. Better stormwater management helps ensure that rainwater is properly absorbed and filtered, reducing pollution in our waterways. Clean water means more enjoyable and safer recreational activities. Picture your family picnicking by a sparkling stream or your friends paddling through clear waters — these are the tangible benefits of effective stormwater solutions.


Safeguarding Property and Well-Being

Floods can be devastating, but with improved stormwater infrastructure, we can protect our homes and businesses from avoidable damage. Smart stormwater practices, like rain gardens and wetlands, help manage runoff effectively, reducing the risk of flooding. When our properties are safe from water damage, we experience less stress and have more peace of mind. Plus, well-maintained green spaces add beauty to our neighborhoods, providing a natural respite that boosts our mental well-being.


Health and Well-Being: Cleaner, Greener Spaces

Healthy water bodies contribute to a healthier community. By managing stormwater effectively, we prevent pollutants from entering our rivers and lakes. This means cleaner drinking water and a healthier environment for everyone. Green infrastructure, such as bioswales and urban forests, also plays a crucial role in improving air quality and providing shaded, cooler areas during hot weather. These green spaces encourage physical activity and provide a sanctuary for relaxation and social interaction, enhancing our overall quality of life.

Working with nature to build better communities means designing with nature instead of opposing it. By protecting and restoring wetlands and floodplains, we harness nature’s time-tested strategies for managing stormwater. These incredible examples of natural infrastructure act as sponges, absorbing excess rainwater, filtering pollutants, and reducing the risk of floods. Wetlands and floodplains improve water quality by trapping sediments and breaking down harmful substances, providing cleaner water for our communities. Nature has spent eons perfecting these processes, and by aligning our efforts with these natural systems, we not only protect our environment but also enhance community resilience. Embracing mother nature’s helping hand leads to healthier, safer, and more vibrant communities.


Economic Benefits: Investing in Our Future

Stormwater management isn’t just about preventing problems; it’s about investing in our future. Green infrastructure projects create jobs and stimulate local economies. Moreover, resilient communities are attractive to businesses and tourists alike. Clean, beautiful water bodies and well-designed urban landscapes enhance property values and foster community pride. When we invest in stormwater solutions, we’re also investing in a more prosperous, sustainable future.


Let’s Make a Splash!

As we work together to improve stormwater management, we create communities that are not only resilient but also vibrant and full of life. Cleaner water, safer neighborhoods, healthier environments, and thriving economies are all within our reach. So, let’s dive in and work together in creating a brighter, more sustainable future for Northeast Pennsylvania!

We hope this gives you a refreshing perspective on stormwater management and inspires you to get involved in your community’s efforts. Together, we can ensure that every drop counts toward a vibrant and resilient future.