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Come Celebrate the USA and the Red, White, & Blue!!!!!!

They will introduce the “Black Terrorist” (black) Pin And “American Hero” (Blue) Pin!

There will be six pins on the table. Three will be white. One black pin will hold one blue pin “hostage”. The red pin will remain the “stop” pin. Engage and clear the white, black, and red pins, leaving the blue standing tall! The “American Hero” can not be hit, nor fallen!!!!

They will shoot rimfire pistol & rifle brackets and centerfire pistol. No PCC for this event. “Challonge” Bracketology will remain in effect and on the monitor! Those who register in advance will be placed in brackets first.

Bowling Pin Mania is a head-to-head competition where the object is to shoot 5 bowling pins off the table before your opponent, just make sure the stop pin is the last to go! The format is 8-person squads competing in a double elimination bracket. Multiple brackets in the same class will combine to come up with a HOA winner. Heated indoor range, clubhouse with TV and WIFI, kitchen open all night. Rimfire Pistol, Rimfire Rifle, Centerfire Pistol, and PCC classes will compete in that order, as time allows. Adults $10/16 and Under $ 5 per class per entry, you can enter a class multiple times but needs to be in separate brackets. Have fun!!

Bowling Pin Mania Rules:
Bowling Pin Mania will be judged, timed, and scored by a certified Range Officer (RO) who has the final judgment of the match.
Shooters will shoot simultaneously in two separate lanes based on the caliber of their pistol or rifle. A double elimination format will be used.
Shooters will pay to shoot at least two passes for one fee.
Shooters are allowed 2 magazines, with 6 rounds each. This allows the shooter to reload, if needed.
The shooter who first “CLEARS” their side moves on in a double-elimination bracket. The losing shooter will also be placed in a “losers” bracket and has the opportunity to move into the “Winners” bracket.
“CLEAR” means the pins must fall completely off the bench!
Pay attention, there is a STOP PIN that must be shot last. If the STOP PIN is not shot last, the shooters automatically loses the round. Even if the shooter does not engage the STOP PIN, and it falls by being hit by a white pin, than the shooter loses the round.
A GO PIN, when added during the final winners round must be cleared first, ending with the STOP PIN.
Pricing for all the games will vary depending on the pin replacement costs, value of the prize and the number of shooters.