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Sep 24
Bull Ride Mania
Tuesday, Sep 24
@ 6:30 pm
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A crowd packed event will include bull riding, barrel racing, a rodeo clown and much more as the rodeo is coming back to the fair. Watch, as riders go up against a bull weighing more than a ton. These animals are quick for their size. The bull rider’s upper body strength and strong legs are essential to have a successful run.

Later that evening, barrel racing takes center stage. Just as timing is a major factor for bull riding, it is key in barrel racing adding to the excitement! This fast and furious event requires great horsemanship skills and the competitive drive to win. Each rider must race around the barrels without knocking them over. Victories can be won by just a hundredth of a second– making this an edge of your seat event. Bull Ride Mania, rodeo organizer, has been presenting this Western style entertainment to the East since 1969 as a family fun event.