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Mar 17
Female Rebels with Chyla Walsh
Sunday, Mar 17
@ 1:00 pm

Activate your Intuition and Vibrate your Unique Frequency: A Female Rebels Workshop with Chyla Walsh

Yoga. Breathwork. Meditation. Writing. Mantra. SISTERHOOD.

The most important voice we can listen to is the gentle whisper from within. In a world with so much information coming at us it can be easy to be swayed by the voices around us. Our inner voice knows how to help us center and knows when it’s best to be still or to take action. In order to hear that voice, we must attune ourselves to a space of listening. A place where we can hear the subtleties that remind us how we can best nourish and honor ourselves so we can be of greater service.

Through practices in the yoga tradition such as kundalini, breath work, mantra and meditation- we will clear our vessel. With the breath, we empty ourselves for attunement and clear listening. We will play with the vibrational magic of tuning forks activating our Divine blueprint and unique essence. We will come together in writing and sisterhood to share what we have heard within.

This will be a space of rebirth, healing and refinement as we prepare to welcome the Spring season.

Open to all levels. Chairs available for those who prefer. Please bring your yoga mat, a journal and a bolster if you have one.

Approx 2 Hours