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Floyd Nation - Experience Pink Floyd image
Nov 02
Jim Thorpe
Floyd Nation - Experience Pink Floyd
Saturday, Nov 02
@ 8:00 pm
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Experience Floyd Nation:
A Musical Extravaganza For Fans and Admirers of the Legendary Pink Floyd

Some call it an homage, others call it theater and most say if you close your eyes you’ll swear you’re listening to Pink Floyd themselves. Floyd Nation invites you to experience the magic and nostalgia of one of history’s greatest rock bands in an unforgettable musical evening. This ensemble of seasoned musicians recreates, for audiences worldwide, the sonic tapestry that defined the original band’s timeless legacy. From the haunting echoes of “Dark Side of the Moon” to the epic anthems of “The Wall” to the raw grit of “Animals,” prepare for a journey through time and space as this group creates a spellbinding experience, capturing the essence of Pink Floyd’s otherworldly allure with every chord and lyric.

Composed of a group of US-based musicians who are die-hard fans of the music, Floyd Nation strives to carefully re-create the LIVE experience, and more importantly the “feel” of Pink Floyd. With performances delivered by several enigmatic singers and multiple virtuoso guitarists, an in-your-face saxophonist, a dexterous keyboardist, a trio of choreographed backing vocalists, and a thunderously powerful drummer and bassist, audiences are often left in complete awe. Their concerts span many albums such as The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, Wish You Were Here, Meddle, and The Division Bell. Their renditions of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits have often been described as second only to those of the legendary band.

When you attend one of Floyd Nation’s live performances you’ll be immersed in sound, lights, and lasers as they take you on an epic journey, bringing back your best memories of the greatest music ever created. So join the adventure, and let the passion of this incredible band take you on a ride through the epic soundscapes that made Pink Floyd a timeless phenomenon.