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May 18
Latte Ladies Sip and Chat
Saturday, May 18
@ 11:00 am

Welcome to Latte Ladies Sip and Chat! Grab your favorite latte and come ready to chat with other fabulous ladies. This is the perfect opportunity to unwind, connect, and enjoy some quality girl time. Whether you want to share stories, seek advice, or simply sip in silence, this event is all about YOU. Let’s sip, chat, and make memories together.

The initial intention was to talk about topics from a Holistic Wellness/ Spiritual Awareness and Awaking point of view.
What floats your boat?
What brings you Joy?
How would you like to be supported?

The only rule is…Mutual RESPECT. No judgement, No trying to dominate or control the conversation or force your beliefs on anyone else. We all come from different backgrounds and beliefs and that’s perfect. We can learn to respect each other, agree to disagree and move on.