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The Haunting of Hell House (Summer Edition) image
Jul 13
The Haunting of Hell House (Summer Edition)
Saturday, Jul 13
@ 8:00 pm

Investigate inside the set of the infamous horror movie Hell House, LLC, and experience genuine paranormal activity. This former hotel, farmhouse and restaurant sits for over 160 years on land that dates back to the 1740s; pre-colonial America. Settled by the Dutch, occupied by Native Americans and situated amid anthracite and coal and bodies of water this property has all the necessary elements for a paranormal storm of activity ranging from organic hauntings and residual energy to egregore and tulpa manifestations.

Join psychic medium Laurissa Rex of the new TV series, 24 Hours in Hell, which examines the multiple layers of hauntings unique to this location, world renowned Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos AND David Taylor of Our Haunted Lives, the #1 talk show on PARAFlixx TV, for an evening of innovative paranormal investigations this Spring! Those on the tour prepare to be awestruck by a special remote viewing session with world-renowned Psychic Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos, who will demonstrate mediumship from 6000 miles away in Athens, Greece. Remote viewing is a special psychic skill that Kathrine will share with guests where she will facilitate metaphysical communication between guests and the spirits at the mansion through the thinning paranormal veil.

The hotel is 4 stories from basement to attic so there is plenty of room for independent investigators to roam. There is also an outside building and surrounding land that do not disappoint with the ongoing activity raging year-round.

Be camera ready because David will be broadcasting live all evening and you just may end up on screen!

Take advantage of a chance to investigate the set of the movie and an iconic historic masterpiece in the Pennsylvania countryside this spring and try to uncover the true origin of the haunting of Hell House.