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Jun 19
"The Outsiders" Comes to Broadway
Wednesday, Jun 19
@ 6:45 am
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Broadway is staying gold in spring with the arrival of “The Outsiders,” the new musical adaptation of the groundbreaking novel by S. E. Hinton and film by Francis Ford Coppola.

Tulsa, Oklahoma. Two teenage gangs sustain a rivalry: the well-to-do “Socs” (short for “socials”) and the ne’er-do-well “Greasers.”

The Greasers, including the iconic characters of Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade, have an often rocky brotherhood, but in a society that’s all but abandoned them, it’s all they have.

This outstanding tale, set to music, tells ls a timeless coming-of-age story about finding hope and connection in a rough world.
Hinton published her novel in 1967, the same year the show is set and three years after she started writing the novel while still in high school herself.

The Outsiders book and its subsequent 1983 film adaptation remain groundbreaking for their naturalistic, unsanitized portrayals of how teenagers talk and act and what happens when they’re neglected.

The Broadway version of “The Outsiders” features original songs by Justin Levine and the folk duo Jamestown Revival, composed of Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. The book is by Tony-nominated playwright Adam Rapp, known for The Sound Inside, and Levine.

$240 All Seats