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Picture This: 2024 Edwardsville Pierogi Festival image
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June 07, 2024
Picture This: 2024 Edwardsville Pierogi Festival
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Edwardsville Pierogi Festival: A Valued Tradition

Today, we checked out the Edwardsville Pierogi Festival. And whether you’re on the side that pronounces it “peer-OH-ghee” or “puh-DOH-ghee,” there’s no judgment here. All fans are welcomed at Pierogi Fest.

From the moment we arrived, we knew we were in good hands. The festival offers some of the region’s  best in terms of food and non-food vendors, rides, games, and even entertainment.

And if you’re a bit bummed that you didn’t get a chance to attend, no worries! There’s still plenty of time today and tomorrow to enjoy all the fun, including the highly anticipated Pierogi Cookoff and the colorful Pierogi Parade.

For more information about the festival, be sure to check out their page here. If there’s one thing we learned today, it’s that the festival isn’t just about the food. It’s a vibrant celebration of our community’s diverse cultural heritage, bringing people together in a joyous, buttery celebration.

Check out some of the highlights below!