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Your Lakeside Retreat is Only a Short Drive Away

Discover a serene escape at The Chestnut Inn on Oquaga Lake in New York. Open from Easter weekend until December 31st, it’s the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Accessible in 1-3 hours from anywhere in NEPA, this enchanting inn exudes a welcoming ambiance. You feel like you’ve arrived at a long-awaited haven right over the New York border.

Opened in 1928, The Chestnut Inn is named after all the American chestnut wood inside. The furniture, flooring and wall details crafted out of this now-extinct wood adds treasured charm. The inn is adorned with over 70 pieces of art by local impressionist artist Ted Whipple. The scenes from both local and foreign places add a nostalgic charm to the property.

While sitting idle for 14 years, the inn was preserved in immaculate condition by its original owner. Finally, in July of 2023, NEPA’s own Settler’s Hospitality Group purchased the property and reopened its doors.


Vibrant Entertainment Meets Relaxation and Comfort

Guests find solace in the calming and relaxing atmosphere of The Chestnut Inn. It’s a place to unplug, put down your cellphones, and get cozy by the lake.

As a hub of entertainment and fine cuisine, you’re sure to savor every minute on the picturesque property. Regular live music events include their Summer Jazz Series, monthly Lakeside Live performances, and Rosé on the Lake. Guests keep coming back for new, exciting experiences.

Fine dining has become a major attraction. There’s a large main dining room, a Lakeside sunroom, and a bar area. The menu showcases their commitment to using fresh, local ingredients. The inn offers beautiful themed dinners, French-inspired features, and a popular Sunday brunch. Guests can also grab a drink at the bar and stroll down to the water to relax. The rotating wine features for wine nights on the dock are some guests’ favorite.


Lakeside Adventures and World-Class Fly Fishing

Nestled on the west branch of the Delaware River, the inn is situated in one of the country’s premier fly-fishing regions. Expert guides offer packages that include pick-up from the inn, a packed lunch, and a world-class fishing experience. It’s a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The prime fishing spots are just five miles away. You can enjoy an unforgettable day on the water and still be back in time for a delicious dinner.

Beyond fishing, The Chestnut Inn offers a plethora of lake activities. Guests can kayak, canoe, paddle board, or have some friendly-competition in games like cornhole and lawn table tennis. The pristine waters of this natural glacial lake offer a perfect spot for swimming. You can also relax in the outdoor seating areas, soaking in the tranquil atmosphere.


Surrounding Activities and Small Town Charm

Surrounding the inn are river activities and plenty of hiking trails for those who love to explore nature. Be sure to take the backroads from NEPA to get to The Chestnut Inn. You’ll pass through quite a few charming small towns. Keep an eye out for breweries and shops, adding an extra layer of adventure to your trip.


The Chestnut Inn offers a unique blend of history, relaxation, and outdoor fun, making it an ideal destination for a peaceful escape. A weekend getaway to The Chestnut Inn should definitely be on your travel list.