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Formerly a railroad bed, the Susquehanna Warrior Trail was a once-forgotten piece of nature that has been brought back to life by a small group of dedicated volunteers. The trail follows the scenic Susquehanna River, where hikers and bikers have a good chance to spot bald eagles, otters, heron and a multitude of other animals. Much of the trail is shaded.

Currently, there are 12.5 miles of trail completed from the Susquehanna Riverlands in Salem Township to Canal Park in West Nanticoke, running parallel to Route 11. The trail is about 10 feet wide, with a hard packed surface of fine crushed stone. The trail is adjacent to the old North Branch  Canal and other historical attractions.

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Winter at Susquehanna Warrior Trail
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Brian Johnson
Fall at Susquehanna Warrior Trail
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Susquehanna Warrior Trail