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Mission Statement

The Cooperage Project seeks to offer a range of instructive and entertaining activities that will engage, challenge and enlighten. Through a variety of programs, we will inspire people of all ages to both embrace diversity and celebrate shared experience in order to create a deeper sense of community.

The Cooperage Project is a nonprofit in Honesdale that seeks to build community through performance events, learning opportunities and good times. Happenings at The Cooperage are categorized in four primary areas: Performance Events, Learning Opportunities, Markets, and Good Times and Good Works Gatherings.

They work to offer a variety of events so that there is something of interest for everyone. Their mix of concerts, recitals, markets, theater productions, dance events, lecture and workshops bring people together based on shared interests. They seek to provide opportunities for the community to learn, challenge one another and connect with neighbors, friends and business professionals.

In addition to performance space, The Cooperage is also an open classroom, a market, a gathering place, and above all, a place where everyone is welcome. The project depends on enthusiastic volunteers sharing their talents. They have opportunities to get involved across a wide variety of interests and skill sets.

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The Cooperage Project