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Mission Statement

Our primary focus is tapping into the creative energy of individuals who face challenges with emotional, physical and intellectual developmental concerns.

Verve Vertu is a nonprofit arts apprentice studio in Dallas developed in conjunction with the Deutsch Institute. They tap into the creative energy of people with special needs. And it’s all in the name—“verve” meaning “high energy,” and “vertu” meaning “excellence in objects of art.”

The artists work with a wide range of mediums, creating pieces that are both unique and whimsical. Some preferred mediums include watercolors, acrylics, fibers, batik, wool needle felting and inks. They frequently hold exhibits at their studio and gallery in Dallas, but they are also always on the move.

Verve Vertu artists attend local art shows, conferences and festivals, so their artwork can be found throughout the region. Artwork can be purchased at their main studio, as well as at some of the exhibits and festivals that they travel to throughout the year.

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