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Mission Statement

Wyoming Valley Children’s Association provides the highest quality early childhood education to ensure the greatest developmental potential of all children in partnership with their families, including therapeutic and support services as needed.

Wyoming Valley Children’s Association (WVCA) is a nonprofit agency in Forty Fort serving local children and their families. They were established in 1924, so they have been making differences in the lives of local families for over 95 years. They primarily strive to provide early childhood education for children age five or younger at the Together We Grow Preschool and therapeutic services for children who demonstrate developmental and physical disabilities.

WVCA’s Together We Grow Preschool creates an environment rich in learning and social opportunities. Their unique, inclusive classrooms focus on individual growth and developmental success for every student.

Some of the therapeutic services that they offer include occupational, physical, and speech/hearing therapy. WVCA also runs a Childhood Autism Team Check Clinic that evaluates children from Luzerne and Wyoming counties. Overall, the WVCA addresses the developmental needs of children and designs quality, consistent, state-of-the-art education and therapeutic programs that evolve to meet children’s needs.

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