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May 11
Earth Goddess Belly Dance Workshop
Saturday, May 11
@ 10:30 am

“Belly dancing” became known by the original gypsies out of Northern India. As a result of their travels across many territories and regions, they picked up different styles of dance, instruments and music throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa & beyond from many different cultures. Today, there are different styles of belly dance. I have learned a little of each: Egyptian Cabaret, Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Uzbekistan and Tribal Infusion.

You’ll be taught the basic movements of belly dance and how to use them in different combinations. Most importantly you’ll connect with your body, your own Inner divine Fire, inner Goddess, and raw feminine nature. To support this, we connect with the beautiful, powerful grounding energy of Mother Earth.

You’ll begin with a simple guided meditation, a short warm up, some stretching, technique, then off to creative, outer expression of our wild, authentic nature. Explore your own flow so that you can eventually use these movements in any combination that comes natural to your body. Become more confident and feel empowered in your own skin that can be carried throughout your everyday life!
All you need is a body and desire to move!

Any age from 18 & up are welcome.
No prior experience necessary. Whether you’re completely new to the dance or experienced, this workshop is designed to ignite and inspire you. Come move, dance, sweat & have fun!

When: Saturday May 11th at 10:30AM – 11:45AM
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Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, anything from Yoga attire to flair flowy skirts that won’t restrict you.
Bring water & a small towel.
If you own a coin skirt, great! If not, a few will be available to try.