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Full Moon Meditation Healing Circle image
Apr 26
Full Moon Meditation Healing Circle
Friday, Apr 26
@ 6:00 pm

When did we stop trusting our body’s intuition? Our divine innate nature? Our feelings? This idea that we are our minds is outdated. We need to start trusting the “other” parts of ourselves that was created first, before the Ego mind, if we want to live a more awakened, authentic and fulfilling life.

This meditation is an introduction, practice and opportunity to do just just that, to “Be”, receive and feel.

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Joining together in a Full Moon Circle is a way of grounding, centering and receiving higher wisdom. A moon circle is an intentional gathering. The moon reflects our own life path – as we move through different stages and rhythms, so does the moon. The moon quietly influences our daily existence. – it dictates the tides, impacts animal behavior and in astrology the moon rules our emotional state associated with divine feminine energy.

Taking the time to connect with the sacred elements that exist within you can be a profound experience. The full moon casts light, illuminating and revealing those areas of your life that might otherwise go un-examined.

Join Melanie as she guides you through this experience. Beginning with a 20min coherent breathing technique to calm the mind and enhance relaxation. Followed by a guided meditation to ground in presence, an invitation to surrender to your Divine Healing Light. Harness the energy of the full moon to release what no longer serves you. Melanie will offer the experience of hands-“on” or “off”, gentle healing touch, that deepens your relaxation by releasing any blocked or stuck energy in the body. She may offer the option of stones &/or crystals to be placed on your body during meditation to promote deep rest & emotional release. An intuitive selection of music will be been chosen to accompany the meditation journey.

This circle is created as a safe and sacred container for your experience. Healing Touch (hands on or off) will be offered for those that would like to receive it. You may also opt out of any or all energetic aides to your level of comfort. They are not necessary in-order to receive the benefits from this meditation.

Afterwards, we’ll close with some time to share your experience (if you’d like).

When we come together as one, in a group, with the same or similar intention, this can amplify the experience for everyone and promote overall mind, body, & spiritual well-being.

Total Duration: 2&1/2 hrs. (Total Length of meditation is approx. 70-90min. )

Exchange: $35



Mat (yoga or other) for laying down Or folding chair or zero gravity chair. Whatever is most comfortable for you.
Blanket, pillow(s) and anything else you need to make yourself comfortable (blankets and bolsters are available at the studio also)
Eye mask (Recommended)
Journal & writing instrument

*In preparation for meditation, and in order to get the most out of the experience, we recommend that you avoid caffeine at least 6-8 hours before meditation.

Melanie (aka Melania Jay) is a certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Energy worker with over six years experience. She is a Student of the ‘Healing Touch Program’, level 2. She is also a Belly Dance Performer (with over 20 years experience), now a teacher. Melanie has also studied, participated in, and practiced: Shamanism, Meditation, Drum Journeys, Healing Circles, Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, Fire Walking, Yoga, The Silva Method, The Landmark Forum, The Journey (by Brandon Bays), Outward Bound and much more, over the past 10 + years.