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Jul 14
Light on Culture: Rhythms of West Africa
Sunday, Jul 14
@ 2:00 pm
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Explore the music, oral traditions, and dance of West Africa with Maxwell Kofi Donkor and his apprentice Kenneth Meyer, joined by members of the Sankofa Drum and Dance Ensemble on Sunday, July 14!

During this lively event, Donkor and Meyer will perform in the Kpanlogo drumming tradition, as Meyer showcases the culmination of skills acquired during his time studying under Donkor through the PCA Folk Art Apprenticeship Program. Meyer will also perform a variety of solo Kpanlogo rhythms and songs, as well as take a turn at leading the Sankofa Drum and Dance Ensemble.

This celebratory occasion exemplifies the joy and importance of passing down traditions so that they may live on through generations and transcend their regions of origin, as Donkor will speak about his experiences with Meyer throughout their time together.

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