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Jun 08
Murder Mystery Dinner
Saturday, Jun 08
@ 6:00 pm
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Masquerade of the Damned

A Vampire Murder Mystery Dinner

Many years ago, by means of a dangerous and elaborate ritual, people were gathered to banish a cruel, soulless, blood-sucking creature from their midst. The ritual, however, only banished this creature for 1000 years. The undead one has risen and he is thirsty. The master has gathered fellow vampires from far and wide to an elegant affair at the illustrious Mary Stegmaier Mansion, where he will take back his town!

A fete such as this requires only the freshest feast, and so the master has arranged for a Masquerade Ball to ensue – the townspeople, none the wiser, will arrive in their masquerade finest, never knowing the evil that lurks behind their fellow revelers’ masks. They will be lambs for the slaughter – humans are so easy to kill, after all – unless the local vampire hunting society can perform the ritual to banish vampires for another 1000 years! The dance of death between good and evil will surely involve many killings – a stake through the heart here, holy water to the face there! Arrive in your masked ball finest to take sides, take notes, and take the town!

Vampires, vampire-hunters, and Masked Black-tie revelers all welcome. Dressing is encouraged, but not mandatory!

Dress to impress in your masquerade ball tuxedos, suits, gowns, and finery. Whether you add some accoutrements – a masquerade mask, some fangs, or some holy water – is up to you! There will be prizes for the best dressed of the evening!