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Barnyard Animals, Rides, Shows and Delicious Treats Await Your Visit!

There’s a lot going on in September, but in NEPA, only one event truly signals the official arrival of fall. The Bloomsburg Fair has been a NEPA staple since 1855. Though it began as a simple agricultural exhibition, it has since become the largest fair in Pennsylvania.


The fair averages almost 45,000 visitors per day

Many come strictly for the animals. While some are only here to enjoy the midway rides and games or the popular live performances by nationally recognized artists. And, of course, for a majority of visitors to the fair, it’s all about the food.

For nine days every September, the fairgrounds in this normally rural landscape transform into a virtual city.  The usually empty space is now complete with a street grid, parking lot trams and enough of an infrastructure to handle over 350,000 visitors throughout the week.

There’s just so much to see and do at the Bloomsburg Fair! Some people never miss it, and others haven’t been there since childhood. And yet still there are some who have never made the short trip to NEPA’s biggest fall event. And if that happens to be you, let’s just say that you don’t know what you’re missing.

Do you remember why you loved the fair? Let’s go back to warming our hands under a pillowy funnel cake, and the feel of the cool autumn breeze from atop the carpet slide. Come join us as we take a walk through the 168th Annual Bloomsburg Fair.


It’s all about the animals.

From pigs as big as cows to cows as big as small dinosaurs, the livestock exhibits are quite a sight to see. Measure yourself against a giant Clydesdale. Visit the adorable puppies and kittens. And try to wrap your mind around the inexplicable cuteness of the miniature donkeys.


The Midway.

The lure of the classic carnival game is unavoidable. The prizes never really matter. It’s more about flinging that little plastic ring just right or tossing that softball with the perfect amount of backspin. Basically, it’s about little, personal victories. And if you don’t win, no worries, you can cheer yourself up on the Salt and Pepper Shakers or the Ferris Wheel.


The Entertainment.

If you just want to catch a quick show, there’s plenty going on at the Free Stage. Get your Polka shoes ready for the ever popular Stanky and the Coal Miners. Check out the banjo contest or go back in time with the Johnny Cash tribute show.

All week at the Grandstand stage you can see a variety of acts, like Brantley Gilbert, Zach Williams and I Love The 90’s, featuring Vanilla Ice. And of course, you’ll need to grab tickets early for the famous  Demolition Derby.


The Food.

Of all the wonderful reasons to attend the Bloomsburg Fair, indulgence is likely the most often cited. Where else can you get a meal that consists of ribbon fries, haluski, pork chops on a stick, peanut and bacon hot dogs and a fresh rabbit sausage sandwich?

And that’s not even counting dessert. You’ll find everything from fried ice cream sandwiches, fried pop tarts and apple dumplings to funnel cakes with any topping you can imagine. And no culinary crusade at the fair would be complete without a tall cup of blue birch beer.


The 2023 Bloomsburg Fair runs from Friday, September 22 through Saturday, September 30.



Article Updated from its Original Version Published on 9/16/2019.