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Broadway Theater League's Upcoming Shows Deliver Hope, Optimism and Joy image
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January 18, 2024
Broadway Theater League's Upcoming Shows Deliver Hope, Optimism and Joy

Discover NEPA is teaming up with Broadway Theatre League of Northeastern Pennsylvania to give you a sneak peek of the shows from the Great White Way headlining Broadway in Scranton’s performances at the Scranton Cultural Center this season.

Final Four Shows of the Broadway Season Run February through May

I always wonder how late into the year it is still ok to say happy new year. But I am saying it anyway; Happy New Year! We stand at the beginning of 2024 with a great deal of hope and optimism.

What does that have to do with my winter blog? Well, many people have asked me during my tenure as Executive Director of Broadway Theatre League of NEPA the reasons they should come and see a Broadway show we are presenting. I want to write today about how seeing live theatre feeds our need to have hope and optimism in our lives, for ourselves, our loved ones and society as a whole; and how it makes us happy. Live theatre makes us aware that there is an inherent good in our society and gives good reason to have hope for our future. Not to mention – it is also a great night out!


Annie photo credit: Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade.

It is almost too easy to start the discussion by pointing to our next show – Annie – about the ever-optimistic orphan, who even in the darkest of times tells us in song that “the sun will come out tomorrow”. From an orphanage to being the child of the wealthiest man in the world, Annie shows that there is reason to have hope always in this world.  A wonderful story that resonates with adults and children alike, we expect Annie to be THE show to take your children to this season. Optimism and hope abound, and in this day and age, it is a message worth hearing again and again.


I can also point to The Cher Show under the category of “anything is possible”. An epic telling of the career of Cher from her very humble beginnings to superstardom of the degree that she released a best-selling Christmas album at age 77! The trials and tribulations of her life is told by three actresses playing her at various stages of her life, together with costume changes that will make you see sequins in your sleep. Original Bob Mackie costumes are used throughout the show, and all Cher’s greatest hits are covered in this amazing story of success coming out of nothing. It is enough to make you “Believe”.


Pretty Woman: The Musical photo credit: Mooris Matzen

Pretty Woman: The Musical is also a story of a woman coming from humble beginnings to finding romance and love in the most unlikely of circumstances. Based on the romantic comedy movie that brought Julia Roberts to stardom, Pretty Woman was made into a Broadway musical using the musical talents of Bryan Adams to bring this story to musical life. Believe me when I tell you it would be a HUGE mistake to overlook or underestimate this musical. It will reinforce your belief that anything is possible with love.


Come From Away photo credit: Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade.

So, why did I save Come from Away for last? This show is perhaps the musical find of the season. Many people have not heard about this sweet and endearing show that shows the resilience and hope of a small community that was thrust into the spotlight on September 11, 2001, perhaps the darkest day that many of us have experienced. And yet, this musical will show us how we are all connected by our humanity and kindness to strangers is never a mistake.

Here is the thumbnail: On September 11, the people of Newfoundland found over 7000 strangers stranded in their town from flights that were grounded. These strangers were from every age, culture, and race; and despite these differences, the Newfoundlanders welcomed them into their homes and families, and as a result they became part of each other’s lives. This musical will help restore hope and optimism in humanity, and we need that now more than ever. As a small community full of heart ourselves, I would state that this show is a MUST SEE for our Broadway Theatre League audience.

Let me end by saying that we at Broadway Theatre League of NEPA wish all of you a year full of hope and optimism. Come and see one or all of our shows and I promise you, you will leave the theatre happy and full of dreams of how a better world is possible. That’s our dream for you this new year.


Featured Image (Top) Courtesy of Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade.