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The Science of the Perfect Donut

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Donerds Donuts, a donut and coffee shop in downtown Jim Thorpe. This science-themed shop bakes fresh, gourmet donuts in tons of creative flavors. They’re always experimenting with new flavor combinations and coming up with fun new treats.

Owners Annabel Figueroa and Andrew Underwood started Donerds Donuts in Santiago, Chile, in 2016. They were such a hit that Donerds was named one of the top three producers of donuts in the country. Because of their reputation for quality and their innovative flavors, they opened their first franchise in Chile. Now, they’ve expanded their business and opened a store in Jim Thorpe.

Coffee geeks, they’ve got you covered too. Donerds makes nitro coffee and other drinks.

In addition to their storefront on Broadway, Donerds also has a food truck that visits community events throughout the area.

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