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Back in 1945, Chappy LeStrange and the late Gene Cosgrove, Sr. recognized that burgers, fries with gravy and thick milkshakes were a winning combo that would never go out of style. While that may have been the building block for success, the Glider Diner now has a multifarious menu composed of soups, salads, entrees, burgers and sandwiches.

On an anecdotal note: Chappy and Gene purchased a glider plane that came in parts housed in crates. The actual wood from these crates was then used to build the first diner location, hence the name. As a longstanding Scranton landmark, the Glider has served the likes of former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Menu Highlights

The Glider is known for its reasonably-priced, signature open-faced roast beef with lots of gravy. The Eggs Benedict is also a perennial customer favorite.