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Craft Spices & Handmade Seasonings

Hop Barons LLC is craft spice and BBQ rub company that creates handmade seasonings with a local twist. Founded in 2015, every recipe is designed by owners Jason Nacinovich and Chris Tuleya and made in their facility in Honesdale.

With the boom of craft breweries and locally made products, they thought… why not use hops in food? From there, Hop Barons was born. This company combines the region’s distinctive flavors with collaborations within the community. They use locally grown hops in all of their products. They also work with other creators in the community, like using locally roasted coffee in their Coffee Rub.

Visit the Hop Barons website to check out their products and place an order. Also, make sure to check out their rental kitchen, which offers fun cooking classes and events.