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Fresh-Baked Breads & Pizzas

Longo’s pizzas, sauces, dough, and shells are staples at the supermarket, but you can also get their products straight from the source. Visit their production facility and retail store in Hazleton for freshly made baked goods, breads, pizza products, and other Italian specialties.

Longo’s Bakery dates all the way back to 1925, when Nick Dalo began baking bread in a small brick oven and delivering it door-to-door. Over the years, the business has grown and changed hands several times, but the dedication and quality remain the same.

You can’t stop at Longo’s without picking up a box of their deli-style pizza (or as locals call it, “cold pizza”). It’s a square pizza that’s usually eaten at room temperature. Try it, and you’ll see why it’s been a Hazleton tradition for decades.