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Handmade Products from Recycled Materials

Mabacol is a shop in Jim Thorpe that creates handmade fashions like rice-soled vegan shoes, vegan jewelry made from natural seeds and beans, and naturally treated bags and wallets made with plant-based dyes. They use recycled materials to create sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

All products are inspired by the artwork and traditions of the indigenous Kuna tribes of South America, which company founder and artist Maria Loyd learned when she was a child. The Mabacol brand is the evolution of native fashion.

The main line of products are Mabacol’s shoes. After a car accident in 2015, Maria created the shoes to relieve pain during her art shows. She found the miracle of rubber plant sap and the husks of rice to use as the shoes’ soles, which helped ease pain and allowed her to embrace her own style. At the end of 2019, she started adding cinnamon for extra support. Her vision was to create medicinal, waterproof shoes to help others in pain. Using her native tribe’s “mola” fabrics, she combined native fashion with today’s trends.

The Mabacol brand was created with the main purpose and vision of helping children in native tribes and families in poor communities around the world. The company has a permanent giving back program to benefit schools. In 2019, they delegated a group of native single mothers for the elaboration of mola fabrics so that they will have income to support their families.

Every pair of shoes and every bag is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. No two patterns are every repeated. Mabacol’s exclusive designs are handmade with love and care. Their bags, jewelry, and shoes focus on quality and color, with bright colors representing Mother Nature.

Mabacol’s goal is simple: to provide people of every age, ethnicity, and lifestyle with pain relief and fashionable, innovative, sustainable products that promote health and comfort. Their eye-catching, unique looks are affordable and fun. Trends aren’t born in ad campaigns—they’re born on the streets where individuality reigns and creativity is an explosion of ideas and fun concepts.

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