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Angus Beef and Berkshire Pork

No Bull Ranch, LLC in Scranton is a family-owned farm that sells superior quality fresh pork and beef at local farmers’ markets. And there’s no bull in their commitment to the welfare of their land and animals. They never use growth hormones, chemical additives, steroids, pesticides, or commercial fertilizers. Their meat is flash frozen after it’s processed at a local USDA-certified butcher, so the meat keeps its freshness for a whole year.

There are several ways you can enjoy their quality meat: bulk quantities, by the cut, and through a monthly CSA membership. Bulk orders can be delivered to your door, or you can pick up choice cuts at your local farmers’ market. Or enroll in a CSA membership to pick up weekly or monthly orders of various cuts of meat. This farm-to-table service allows you to meet the farmer raising your food and have confidence in the freshness and quality of your meat. Simply select the share that suits your needs, and head to a convenient location weekly or monthly for your pickup.