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Bringing New Orleans-Style Shaved Ice to NEPA

Pelican’s SnoBalls started in New Orleans, but has travelled all the way up to Northeastern PA. They serve the namesake “SnoBalls”, which have fluffy shaved ice rather than the usual coarse crushed ice used in a snow cone. This finely shaved ice allows the SnoBall to absorb the flavoring fully, unlike in a snow cone, where it all sinks to the bottom.

Pelican’s offers over 100 flavors of shaved ice, from classics like mango, banana, and cherry to cheesecake and Fruity Pebbles. They also offer sugar-free flavors. You can add cream to a SnoBall to make it more substantial, coming in flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, key lime pie, or banana. They have a menu of “signature” SnoBall flavor combinations, or make your own mix.

Stop by Pelican’s SnoBalls for a light and refreshing treat brought straight from the South.