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Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

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Healthcare is changing. Interprofessional teams, rather than solitary and unconnected providers, now deliver care. Technologies like electronic health records and gene sequencing are necessary tools rather than novelties. The very foundation of medicine has shifted to wellness, rather than disease intervention, and there’s a growing recognition that things like neighborhood, income and education all play a vital role that medical professionals must understand before they can truly see and treat the whole person.

Tomorrow’s physicians and scientists must be equipped to approach medicine and research on both a macro and a micro level — capable of discerning and curing the systemic, societal causes of disease, as well as ready to render compassionate care, one patient at a time.

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (GCSOM) is a member of the Geisinger family. GCSOM offers a community-based model of undergraduate medical education with campuses in Atlantic City, Danville, Doylestown, Sayre, Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. The school’s innovative Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree curriculum, focused on caring for people in the context of their lives and their community, attracts the next generation of physicians and scientists from within its region, as well as from across Pennsylvania and the nation. In addition to the MD, Geisinger Commonwealth offers a variety of outstanding degree programs, including a master’s degree in biomedical sciences. The school also has more than 500 residents and fellows in 31 accredited residency programs and 23 accredited fellowships, which encompass ACGME-physician programs as well as dental, podiatry, pharmacy and more.

As a young school born of innovation and integrated with a health system that is a national model of excellence for person-centered care, Geisinger Commonwealth offers a unique and distinct education. Leveraging Geisinger’s acclaimed clinical and technological strengths — including its international prominence in genetics and genomics — they emphasize active learning and community engagement. For these reasons, Geisinger Commonwealth graduates are known for both skill and caring.

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