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Picture This: 2024 Spring Season in NEPA image
April 25, 2024
Picture This: 2024 Spring Season in NEPA

Spring in NEPA and the Emergence of Wildlife

In Northeastern Pennsylvania, we’re fortunate to witness how the living world around us adapts to the changing seasons. But probably the most exciting (at least for me) is the subtle transformation from winter to spring. And even though this spring might have been a little wet, it did provide us with some dramatic backgrounds as we captured wildlife emerging from their hibernation and slumber.

However, among the myriad of subjects that captured our attention this year, none held our attention quite like the family of foxes. Despite my presence, the mother appeared relaxed while keeping one eye on me, a sure sign of her protective instincts.

The kits, on the other hand, hardly knew I was there. They were more distracted by anything that flew by them- a leaf, a fly or even the breeze. Their playful antics were not only adorable but provided endless opportunities to capture this incredible moment that you can only witness in spring.

We hope you get the chance to get outside and reconnect with nature this season. There’s certainly so much in NEPA to be explored!