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We’re Celebrating 4 Years of Rediscovering Northeastern Pennsylvania One Awesome Local Story at a Time


Keep following along as we look forward to many more amazing NEPA adventures.

When we launched on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, we had a simple mission. We wanted to start telling a story – one that reminded us why we fell in love with this place. In every word, every photo, every frame of video, every social media post, we focused on one goal – rediscovering home.

Over these last four years, we learned that there is no singular, unique story of NEPA. In fact, there are thousands. All told, twisted, molded and retold over and over again at the start of each day. The craft brewers tell theirs, and the fly-fishing guide tells hers. There’s a story on the menu at every restaurant, in the barrels at every local winery in every single one of the thousands of things to do.

You, NEPA, are the storyteller — you, the axe thrower and the cat-lovin’ barista, the river paddler and the pit master, the pierogi maker and the “Hooch Mama”, the volunteer and the conservationist, the chef and the stylist. This amazing place and everything that makes it so special is your story. We’re simply here to help you tell it.

Come on. Let’s add another awesome year of adventure to the logbook. And join us as we look ahead to many, many more.


DiscoverNEPA by the numbers:

Since launching on May 23, 2018, we have…

  • Published unique listings for 3,400+ Things to Do in NEPA
  • Collected and curated 18,000+ local events on our calendar
  • Arranged 900+ exclusive DiscoverNEPA deals with local businesses
  • Created and published 1,800+ articles & stories
  • Produced 650+ videos featuring local businesses, events and nonprofits
  • Built an audience of 157,000+ total social media followers
  • Mentored 25 interns from 17 different colleges
  • Published 88,300 #DiscoverNEPA photo submissions
  • Offered 225 contests and gave away just as many incredible prizes
  • Sponsored 80+ awesome local events
  • Collaborated with 50+ local guest bloggers
  • Snapped 14,000+ stunning photos of NEPA
  • Added 1,000+ NEPA nonprofits to our Support a Cause directory


We Couldn’t Do It Without You



We love what we do, but we’ve only made it this far because we have an enthusiastic, supportive community behind us. Your stories move us forward. Your pride in your neighborhoods and hometowns and the love you show for all of Northeastern Pennsylvania inspires us every day. Without you – our followers, friends and generous community partners – DiscoverNEPA just wouldn’t work.

So, please continue to follow along. Keep liking and spreading the word and sending in those incredible photos. Keep stopping by to meet us at local events and participating in our contests. More importantly, keep creating your amazing NEPA stories. And we’ll be right here to help you tell them.