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NEPA’s Homegrown Wineries Celebrate a Proud Pennsylvania Tradition Nearly 350 Years in the Making

No matter where you go in Northeastern Pennsylvania, you’re never far from a local winery. All across the region, fertile mountainsides, sun-drenched valleys, and natural, stream-fed farmlands contribute to an ever-growing and strictly local wine scene. From NEPA’s Valley Communities to the lush Pocono Mountains to those rolling Endless Mountains, local wine is having its moment. And with the convenient DiscoverNEPA Wine Trail, we’re all about helping you join the party.

For generations, NEPA’s winemakers toiled away. They experimented with variety, aging and fermentation. Some earned their stripes through decades of experience. Some practiced with world renowned experts. As a result, from vine to bottle, from glass to glass, NEPA’s local wines continually hold their own in both national and international competitions.

A wine for every palate.

Throughout the last few decades, as local vineyards and wineries popped up all over the region so, too, did the wine tourist. The DiscoverNEPA Wine Trail brings you closer to more of these incredible stories. We cover over 40 local vineyards, wineries and tasting rooms.

Hop in the car, clear those palates and hit the road on the DiscoverNEPA Wine Trail.

Valley Communities

This section of the DiscoverNEPA Wine Trail covers 23 local wineries and nearly 330 miles of road. The route drops from the plains of the Endless Mountains into the historic, industrial corridor of the Wyoming Valley. From there, it winds its way through NEPA’s southern coal country. Along the way, you’ll stop in 22 unique towns and 4 expansive counties.

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Pocono Mountains

Immerse yourself in the dense forests of the Pocono Mountains along this portion of the trail. This route stretches from quaint Jim Thorpe in the south to the Delaware River in the east and north toward the famous Lake Region. It covers roughly 150 miles and 24 local wineries. All told, you’ll make stops in 12 charming Pocono towns throughout 5 counties.

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Endless Mountains

Though the shortest of our trail’s offerings, this jaunt through the arresting scenery of the Endless Mountains inspires a bit of pioneering spirit. You’ll hit 4 wineries in 4 laid-back towns – across the gorgeous Wyoming and Susquehanna Counties. The road between spans about 70 photo-worthy miles at times dropping along the Susquehanna River.

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Article Updated from its Original Version Published on 11/04/2020.