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The Proof is in the Pagach

People all over Northeastern Pennsylvania go crazy for pagach pizza. Offering a delicious twist on the traditional pie, this Slavic dish creates a perfect balance of flavors and textures. Pagach has a fascinating history rooted in Eastern European culinary traditions. As immigrants brought their culinary heritage to new regions, pagach became a beloved dish. The recipe’s rich history and adaptability have contributed to its popularity when communities come together to share in this flavorful tradition.

This hearty dish continues to be a symbol of cultural identity and a cherished comfort food, particularly during the Lenten season. We’ve rounded up some popular spots to find pagach in NEPA. Every maker’s recipe is slightly different and unique, which makes it all the more fun to taste as many different pies as you can. Whether you’re a pizza purist or an adventurous foodie, pagach pizza is a must-try.

Grab Some Pagach at These NEPA Eateries
Arcaro’s The Next Generation image
Arcaro’s The Next Generation

Pittston, PA

Pizza is a family tradition at Arcaro’s The Next Generation in Pittston. This next generation of Old Forge style pizza is making their own path on NEPA’s pizza scene. Their pagach is topped with thick and juicy fried onions.

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Bakery Delite image
Bakery Delite

Plains, PA

This legendary bakery in Plains has been whipping up decadent pastries and pies for over 35 years. They even serve up NEPA staples like pagach and Old Forge pizza in addition to their regular delicious specialties.

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Minooka Pastry Shop image
Minooka Pastry Shop

Scranton, PA

For over 40 years this shop has been selling cakes, cookies, cupcakes, bagels and more to delighted Scranton residents and beyond. Their pagach is a county favorite!

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Two Gals Pizza & Subs image
Two Gals Pizza & Subs

Wilkes-Barre, PA

This best kept secret of Wilkes-Barre’s Miners Mills neighborhood has delicious recipes and amazing prices. Their wide variety of pizza options including pagach with sautéed, plain onions, or no onions have conjured a big following among the locals.

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Pizza L’Oven image
Pizza L’Oven

Exeter, PA

This family owned and operated pizza restaurant has been in operation since 1975. This popular shop’s claim to fame is their irresistible, fried Sicilian pizza. Their pagach is served every day during Lent.

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DaVinci Pizza image
DaVinci Pizza

Scranton, PA

This Scranton staple is a quick and delicious spot when you need your pagach fix. Their speedy service makes them a great place to grab lunch or order takeout, and they offer delivery throughout Scranton. You can order their pagach every day during Lent.

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Franco's image

Wilkes-Barre, PA

This local landmark when it comes to New York-style pizza is a go-to spot for the whole family. Formerly known as Frank’s Italian Restaurant, they’ve added a few fresh twists to their menu. Their garlic knot crust pagach keeps people coming back for more.

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Napoli’s Pizza image
Napoli’s Pizza

Pittston, PA

You won’t be disappointed when you try this family owned and operated shop. In business since 1999, Napoli’s prides itself in using the recipes that owner Antonio Costagliola brought with him from Italy in 1994. Their pagach has a crispy crust to compliment the deliciously dense potato top.

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Cali’s Don Tomaso Peatza image
Cali’s Don Tomaso Peatza

Dunmore, PA

Since 1997, they’ve has been whipping up delicious round pizzas and Old Forge-style trays. This pizza shop is built on a family legacy of pizza making and decades spent perfecting the recipe. Their pagach is available every Wednesday, and on Fridays during Lent. You can even purchase it par baked!

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Cusumano image

Old Forge, PA

As a restaurant with new and old age Italian cooking, this Old Forge staple prides itself on using their mouthwatering sauces to add some pizzazz to classic dishes. This old school pagach is a must-try.

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Ferri's Pizza image
Ferri's Pizza

Moscow, PA

Since 1936, this family-owned pizza shop in Moscow has delighted pizza lovers from all over the world. The legendary Ferri’s Pizza serves up that signature Old Forge style pizza with rotating specials, and pagach is eagerly awaited each year.

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The Dough Company image
The Dough Company

Wilkes-Barre, PA

The name says it all—they make all their own dough, as well as their own homemade meatballs and sauces. The whole family will love the pizza, the only question is which kind to choose! Their double crust stuffed pagach pie is definitely a hit.

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Happy Pizza image
Happy Pizza

Plymouth, PA

NEPA residents go crazy for this popular spot’s pagach each year. Their shredded potato recipe adds a wonderful, unique twist on the region’s staple. Their full menu is known for having over 20+ varieties of delicious pizza pies to choose from.

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Pizza Perfect image
Pizza Perfect

Trucksville, PA

Pizza Perfect has been a Trucksville landmark since 1975. This family owned and operated pizza shop serves up pagach loaded with savory onions and their signature fried crust. It’s a taste that’s hard to find outside of NEPA.

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Waymart Hotel Restaurant & Saloon image
Waymart Hotel Restaurant & Saloon

Waymart, PA

This local favorite claims one of NEPA’s oldest pizza recipes. The Waymart Hotel is famous for its square pizza. Locals and visitors alike pile in for their pagach with mashed potatoes, cooper sharp cheese, and sautéed onions.

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