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Mission Statement

Indraloka provides a peaceful sanctuary for humans and nonhumans alike, offering opportunities to heal, learn, grow and play while reconnecting with nature, rescued (farm) animals, and our own selves. Through facilitating interrelationships Indraloka empowers and educates the community to build resilience, spread kindness, create hope, spark curiosity, and embody compassion.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Dalton is a “heaven on earth” for rescued farm animals. The sanctuary is currently home for nearly 300 animals, including pigs, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, horses, alpacas and other species. Many animal shelters take in companion animals, but Indraloka Animal Sanctuary fills the gap for farm animals that have nowhere else to go. The animals live out their lives happily and peacefully on the sanctuary’s stunning rural property.

In addition to helping animals, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary also offers educational programs about protecting the earth, making healthy choices, and treating all living things with compassion.

Indraloka volunteers come when they’re available, and they do tasks they’re comfortable with. Animal care tasks have a variety of shifts available, and you can sign up for whatever works for you. During the volunteer application, you can choose any of the jobs you are interested in.

Your generous donations help fund world-class veterinary care, nutritious food, and warm shelter. You can also sponsor a rescued farmed animal to ensure that they have all they need for a happy, healthy, full life without fear. When you sponsor monthly, you provide a reliable source of support to directly meet their needs. Browse their online merchandise store as well. Proceeds from their store sales go directly back to caring for the animals at the sanctuary.

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