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Local Baker’s Free, Organic Bread Mission Looking for Help to Expand image
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July 29, 2022
Local Baker’s Free, Organic Bread Mission Looking for Help to Expand
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AxelRad Jumps in to Help Peace Grain Reach More with Fundraising T-Shirt Campaign

Photo Courtesy of Leanne Mazurick


Back Mountain’s Leanne Mazurick hopes to raise enough funds to purchase a larger oven and greatly expand production of free, organic loaves of bread for the community.

Back in 2020, those uncertain, early days of the Covid-19 pandemic offered Beaver Meadows native, Leanne Mazurick an opportunity to help her neighbors in need. Through her beloved mother, Leanne had developed a lifelong love of baking. Bread had become her specialty – organic sourdough to be precise. She baked as therapy. She baked as a way of remembering and honoring her mother. And now, she thought, why not bake for those who truly need it?

Peace Grain was born that same year. Leanne’s mission was rather simple – “I wanted to help make good nutritious bread available to those who needed it or who couldn’t afford a loaf of organic bread,” she said.


Photo Courtesy of Leanne Mazurick


By the spring of 2021, she was off and baking. Through dear friend, Gwenn Harleman, Director at Verve Vertu Art Studio in Dallas, Leanne secured a location. She put out a simple sign explaining the mission, set up a small green cupboard and started filling it with loaves of bread. “We spread the word on social media and anyone, regardless of their situation, is invited to enjoy a loaf of bread from noon to 3pm or until it’s gone.” She continues with a giggle, “It’s like a little, free food pantry, but with bread!”

It wasn’t long before Peace Grain and the little, green cupboard were a hit. This year, Leanne is also providing free loaves for the children attending Grief Camp at The Lands at Hilllside Farms. She’s also donated loaves for a Ukraine Fundraiser at The Gathering Place in Clarks Summit. And as her beautiful, peace sign-stamped loaves make their way around the community, Leanne is humbled by the outpouring of support. “I have a love and a gift for baking bread, and I wanted to use that talent to help make the world better in some small way.”


Photo Courtesy of Leanne Mazurick


Soon, Leanne realized that the need had begun to outpace the mission. She had learned of so many people enjoying her bread, and she wanted to do more. But there was a slight problem.

Up until now, Leanne has been baking every loaf in her small home oven at a pace of about 8-12 loaves per month. “It takes a lot of coordination and juggling of space to get the loaves in and out of the oven in a timely way,” she explained. “A larger oven, specifically the type of oven used by small cottage bakers, will allow me to make 12 loaves or more in one bake!”

The solution was simple – Peace Grain needed a larger oven. Simple, however, doesn’t always mean feasible. While Leanne had searched and found the perfect, small cottage-style oven, the price, though not unreasonable, was just out of her range.

Now, it was little baker with a heart of gold who needed help.


AxelRad At It Again


The iconic Wilkes-Barre screen printing shop steps up yet again with a Peace Grain T-shirt fundraiser.

One fateful day, Leanne visited AxelRad Screen Printing with the goal of having some t-shirts made. She led with her story and a bit of an explanation of Peace Grain. Tony Bevevino, AxelRad’s Director of Sales, knew immediately that he had to find a way to help.  “Leanne just walked in our doors looking to buy shirts, and once I heard about the project, I wanted to get involved,” he said.

AxelRad is no stranger to local causes. Back when Covid-19 regulations started to hamper local businesses and restaurants, the company jumped into action with a massively popular “Shirts Off Our Backs” t-shirt campaign. All told, they were able to raise $87,550 for struggling NEPA businesses.



And now, they’re using that same model for Leanne and Peace Grain’s mission to get that new oven. “We definitely have been ramping up the fundraising side of our business since Covid and I decided it would be a great idea to build Leanne a webstore as part of our contribution to the project.” Bevevino continued, “Anytime a worthy cause comes to us for campaign T-shirts, it’s our goal to help them raise as much money as possible.”


Here’s How It Works


Simply visit Peace Grain’s webstore.

Check out Leanne’s story.

Purchase a cool shirt (or two) — 100% of every purchase goes directly to Peace Grain.

Wear it proudly. Spread the word. And help Peace Grain “Bake the World a Better Place!”


Note: Leanne’s fundraiser and the webstore will run until Sunday, August 14.

All orders will be shipped out two weeks after the store closes.



Featured Image (Top) Courtesy of Leanne Mazurick