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Omnitized Digital Marketing - Member Meet & Greet with the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber image
April 26, 2022
Omnitized Digital Marketing - Member Meet & Greet with the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber
The Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce

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Omnitized Digital Marketing – Wilkes-Barre, PA

Photo Courtesy of Omnitized Digital Marketing


Specialized, hands-on digital marketing service.

Omnitized is an omni-channel digital marketing agency with an omnitized approach to outsourced program management. Omnitized was founded by President & CEO Charles “Brock” Siegel, who has vast experience in the marketing industry.

“Omnitized Digital Marketing started as a niche boutique marketing agency with hands-on service that simply isn’t being offered in the marketplace,” says Brock. “My business partner and I founded Omnitized to offer something unique and it turns out, it’s quite valuable to our clients. Our client base has grown exclusively through referrals and renewed business.”


Photo Courtesy of Omnitized Digital Marketing


Brock attended Wyoming Seminary Prep and continued his education at the Salve Regina University of Rhode Island in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. After graduation, Brock spent 18 months in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands managing a resort restaurant and bar. “After a year of surfing and spearfishing in the Caribbean, I came back to pursue my career in marketing.”

While visiting home in NEPA, Brock took on a part-time position with what was then known as Pepperjam, an internet marketing service company. Within three months of employment, Pepperjam offered Brock a permanent position as an Affiliate Manager. Five years later, Brock moved up the ladder as the Vice President of Pepperjam Network Sales and Business Development, which fully kicked-off his marketing career.


Full-Service Digital and Traditional Marketing


Photo Courtesy of Omnitized Digital Marketing


Providing a jumpstart for your digital marketing journey.

Omnitized offers full digital marketing services, as well as consulting on brand design, web design, and traditional marketing. Brock explains that his love for helping small to medium-sized businesses begin their digital marketing journey and focus on superior customer service is at the core of what he does.

“What makes us unique is our service, when you call me, you get me, not a call center or an account manager who will need to check with someone else to make changes to your account. We are a small, but dedicated team. Omnitized treats all of our clients with the same entrepreneurial spirit that we treat our own business, we consider ourselves an extension of our client’s teams,” says Brock.

According to Brock, helping small businesses grow is one of the best aspects of his job, especially in the region that he calls home. “A highlight for me is when I get a call that our efforts have sold out a specific product, created a new job opportunity, or that they are ready to test a new channel like social media marketing.”


Photo Courtesy of Omnitized Digital Marketing


Brock was born in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is thrilled to be raising his three children here. As a father, he appreciates the ability to work remotely. Omnitized was always set up to work remotely, but during the pandemic, he noticed that his remote clients required access to reporting 24/7, so Omnitized developed a reporting suite that they could access day and night. “As a working parent, I also needed those tools. Often our days were spent taking care of the kids and our nights spent catching up on work. The development of a fully digital reporting suite has been essential to managing our client base.” Omnitized has seen tremendous growth over the last two years, helping local brands go digital, especially during the pandemic with the rise in digital demand.

Through it all, one thing has remained consistent for Brock, and that is family. He would like to give a shout-out to his wife Tara, who has enabled his dream as much as he has.


Connect with Omnitized Online!



To reach out to Omnitized, you can visit them on their website. You can also contact Brock directly at or Of course, you can always reach them by phone at (888) 984-8938, or stop by the office at 1 South Main St, 2nd Floor, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701.



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