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Picture This: 2024 Archery Fest At Montage Mountain image
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May 18, 2024
Picture This: 2024 Archery Fest At Montage Mountain
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Archery Fest at Montage Mountain: A Celebration of Precision and Tradition

Yesterday we checked out Archery Fest hosted by Montage Mountain and High Tines Archery and Outdoors. This is the second year Archery Fest has hit the Mountain and is something any archer would not want to miss. 

The course was divided into three different skill levels throughout the mountain that were accessed by hitching a ride on a ski lift. Targets ranged from big game to small and even included novelty targets such as aliens and dinosaurs. Archers were tasked with zig-zagging their way down the mountain looking for targets and were rewarded with picture-perfect views of the valley throughout the course. At the end, attendees were able to grab a bite to eat while visiting vendors offering some of the latest products in the archery world today

Archery Fest continues throughout the weekend with attendees able to choose from single or multi-day passes. And we can’t forget to mention tonight’s after-party that includes live music, food, drinks and plenty of giveaways. This is surely an event you don’t want to miss! For more information, click here.

We had another great time on the Mountain yesterday and we guarantee you will too. Check out some of the highlights below!