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A Look Inside the Communication Arts Studio at Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy image
May 17, 2024
A Look Inside the Communication Arts Studio at Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy
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We partnered with students and faculty from the Communication Arts Studio at the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy to build a portfolio of creative work to be featured on DiscoverNEPA.

Participating students worked with the DiscoverNEPA team to capture compelling videos and photos and to write articles featuring their school and community.

The Joys of Communications

There are many highs and lows of our everyday communication routine. For some, it comes easy. They can talk with the world and always keep a conversation going. There are people so well adept at speaking publicly that they make a career of it. Even in the little things we need it most, but some people don’t have that skill. Communications is an important class and helps build this skill. Some of those resources are writing resumes, public speaking, and photography.




Writing is an important skill to learn because you use it in many aspects of your life. A lot of us use it to prepare for our future, college and whatever comes after. We learn to use MLA and APA format and the proper way to write essays. Not only this but the class provides us with the information we need to make our papers interesting using attention-getters and topics we are passionate about.

Public Speaking

Public speaking for many can be very nerve-wracking. In communications we learn to speak not only properly but comfortably. Mr. Ringleben teaches all forms of communicating through speech. He also provides us with methods that help us speak more confidently. For example, we are taught to speak with confidence, and not to memorize whatever it is we’re going to say.




Photography is a beautiful form of art and communication. We are taught different angles, Photoshop, and camera controls. These are all things that help grow our school. Photography, for many people, is an art. It’s also a form of speaking and communications.


Videography is also something we learn alongside photography. Not only do we learn so much in this class, but Mr.Ringleben, who teaches this class, makes it fun and easy to learn. He says, “My favorite part about communications is when I get to work with students directly on important projects.” We will often get an assignment where we need to work directly with Mr.Ringleben. For example, if we are filming a video we would usually work all as a class to make the film a success.



Getting into the Program

This communications class is given in our Hazleton Arts and Humanities high school. To be accepted to this school you must first go through an audition process based on the studio you want to enter — dance, art or communications. For communications specifically, you need to show an example of some sort of communication, whether it is in the form of a speech, a film, or even through writing. Writing resumes is such an important part of your life, it can either help you or work against you. Public speaking is a very stressful process, communications helps you prepare for it. Photography is a beautiful form of art and is an excellent way to tell a story.

Communication class is so beneficial for so many people, for so many different reasons. Joining this class is one of the things I’m very thankful to have done, it has helped me tremendously and has been such a good experience. “Having found it has evolved my level of communication in every way,” says Sulette Lange, a junior in the class. “The things we learn are resources we need for the real world and everyday life.” And that has so much to do with the teacher and the classroom.