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Hit the Greens at Sugarloaf Golf Club image
May 17, 2024
Hit the Greens at Sugarloaf Golf Club
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We partnered with students and faculty from the Communication Arts Studio at the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy to build a portfolio of creative work to be featured on DiscoverNEPA.

Participating students worked with the DiscoverNEPA team to capture compelling videos and photos and to write articles featuring their school and community.

18 Holes Along Rolling Fairways and Lush Greens

Sugarloaf Golf Club has become one of the most popular golf courses in the area. Created by the architect Geoffrey Cornish, Sugarloaf has some of the most beautiful views that overlook the Conyngham Valley. Becoming official in 1967, the course has been known for having smooth rolling fairways and the greens are ranked best in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

With a set of 18 holes, the course shows the most beautiful aspects of life, such as the newly blooming trees and flowers around every corner. Squirrels run across the cart path with walnuts in their mouths. On hole five, you look to your left and see a family of deer just living their everyday lives.

Coming up on hole one, you have your par 4 with the green right in the middle. Hole two gives you a pleasing view of the layout in which the golf course brings. Hole eight is on the front nine holes and is by far one of the most beautiful views. Getting a once in a lifetime view that overlooks the farmland that surrounds Sugarloaf Golf course.



Tournaments and Leagues

Sugarloaf Golf Club is different from other golf courses because they support the community as much as the community supports them, allowing the course to be used to host annual golf tournaments such as the Hazleton Area Cougars annual Labor Day tournament.

The course allows a league to run throughout the summer called the USGLL. The league consists of children ranging from 5 to 18 years of age. With two different plays being used, one being scramble play which is playing one ball with a group of people, the best ball is played. Stroke play which is a solo play with one ball as well. Children get a chance to go out and explore the wonderful Sugarloaf course as well as others from around the area. It gives kids a chance to try something new, provides a safe environment for them and makes sure they are learning valuable life skills.



Another thing that the course supports is the Hazleton Area girls golf team. Sugarloaf Golf Club is known as the home course for the Lady Golfing Cougars. For years, the golf team has gone out and utilized the driving range and practice greens. Not only that, but the team was given the ability to go out and play the course for practice.

If you need practice, the course offers a well-maintained driving range as well as chipping and putting green. After your round of golf, you can go inside the club house where you grab a bite to eat and relax in the indoor or outdoor lounge. Inside also includes a fully stocked pro-shop where you can find your golf essentials. With all of that, what really makes this place special is that it is all family-owned and taken care of.

With multiple matches taking place there throughout the years, Sugarloaf Golf Club’s course has been helpful and supportive to the community.



I have a very good relationship with the course based off my own personal experience. I am a high school student who has played on the high school golf team for four years, and I am involved in outside leagues.

Sugarloaf Golf Club has given me the advantage to get better and pursue my dreams of being a golfer. With their well-maintained course and their very friendly staff, I was able to use the course every chance I got. Rounds are very easy to schedule, customer and food service was very well managed, and the rounds are very affordable for all. Some of my favorite parts of the course are holes like #14. Coming down over the water, just when the sun is setting, some of the most beautiful sunsets are seen in this location. I highly recommend golfing here because it is the place to make some of the most memorable memories.


Light The Night

Photo credit: DiscoverNEPA staff


When hearing about a golf course you would assume golfing activities would be the only thing occurring, you would be very mistaken about this one. Every year around Christmastime, staff and members of the community set up a Christmas light display for the rest of the community. Holiday lights are always a big success there. It begins at the clubhouse where you can get refreshments and some snacks. With tickets for the walkthrough light show only being $14 for adults and $10 for children, everyone should go out and enjoy the light show.