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Small Business Breakthroughs: Piacenti Home Heating and Fuel Oil image
May 16, 2024
Small Business Breakthroughs: Piacenti Home Heating and Fuel Oil

We partnered with students and faculty from the Communication Arts Studio at the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy to build a portfolio of creative work to be featured on DiscoverNEPA.

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Small, Family-Owned Business Focuses on Quality, Care and Trust

On the west side of West Hazleton PA, a small family-owned business can be found that will cover all your heating and fuel oil needs. This shop, Piacenti Home Heating and Fuel Oil, can cover all your needs from plumbing to heating and oil. When you walk into this shop, you will feel like you have just entered a giant hardware store. Mass amounts of various products and parts fill the shelves.

Piacenti Home Heating and Fuel Oil serves most of Hazleton and West Hazleton with their products and services. They are open and available almost every day of the week. Their services are readily available and accessible to all their customers.



This family-owned business was started up in 1959, when Jerold Piacenti started delivering coal to surrounding houses. It wasn’t until 1970 that he would expand to delivering heat and oil, eventually doing plumbing and heating service work in the 1980’s. They no longer offer the coal delivery services. According to Jerry Piacenti, current store owner and son of Jerold Piacenti, “The coal business was on its way out and oil was becoming more popular. Oil was becoming the fuel of choice to heat homes in the area, as it was much cleaner than coal and less work for the homeowner.”



One of the perks of being a small business is that the customers have a chance to build a relationship with the owner. “We offer personal service that a big company can’t offer,” said Piacenti. When asked about the small business experience he continued, “We know all our customers by name. We give prompt courteous service at a reasonable price.”

One thing you can usually guarantee with a smaller business is a more personalized experience. You can rely on them to get to know you and what you need, as well as making sure you get the best service possible. Piacenti Home Heating and Fuel Oil is no exception to that. For Piacenti, it is important that customers know how much he cares. “They are more than just an account number,” he says. When Jerry and his crews work on someone’s house, they treat it like their own. He makes sure to give each customer quality work, with a quality finished product. Being a smaller business allows him and his workers to put extra time and care into each job they do, and that allows everyone to be happy and satisfied.



When you ask why this business should be the heating and plumbing choice over other companies, it comes down to quality. They put extreme quality and care into each job, creating a bond and trust with their customers. With them being a smaller, family-owned business, each worker is an expert at what they do — understanding exactly what they need to do and how to do it efficiently.

Efficiency, care, and quality are all things that make a great business successful, and Piacenti Home Heating and Fuel Oil has it all.

You can find Piacenti Home Heating and Fuel Oil at 538 Putnam St. in West Hazleton or contact the shop at 570-454-0744.